Sapiyuq Llaqtakuna


Sapiyuq Llaqtakuna

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Soprano and 4 Male Percussionists. BSM0022.

Duration: 15:00

Quechua Texts by Dida Aguirre Garcia and Porfirio Meneses Lazon, used by permission. Pronunciation guide with IPA included in the score.

Commissioned by ASCAP/SCI as a result of the 1st prize in the 2009 ASCAP/SCI Student Composer's Composition Competition.

Premiered by the University of South Carolina Percussion Ensemble.

Scott Herring, conductor.

  1. Apu Wamani (Father Mountain God)
  2. ¿Pim Chay? (Who?)
  3. Qapariku (Rustic Crier)

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