Sing Unto the Lord a New Song

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A Sacred Cantata for Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano and Chamber Orchestra. BSM0050.

Duration: 21:00

English Text, from the Holy Scriptures and Phyllis Wocher.

Commissioned by the Bach Ensemble of St. Thomas, Cincinnati, OH.

Carlton Monroe, conductor.

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  1. DUET: Sing unto the Lord a new song
  2. ARIA (Mezzo): He hath remembered his mercy
  3. DUET: Make a joyful noise
  4. ARIA (Soprano): As an instrument of Thy peace
  5. DUET: Let the sea roar



Sing Unto the Lord a New Song is a sacred cantata that can be performed at various times during the liturgical year. The premiere was given during the end of Eastertide looking forward towards the feast of Ascension. The soprano and mezzo-soprano sing 3 rousing and exciting duets. Between each duet is a solo aria for each singer that takes a more introspective and reflective tone. The foundation text for this work is Psalm 98 (Cantate Domino) which runs through the cantata. Additional verses from scripture are added to enhance certain aspects of the Psalm. Movement 3 is scored for the two singers and a duet of winds, flute and oboe, who play virtuosic riffs and runs to complement the 'joyful noise' of the singers. Movement 4 is set to a special new text by poet Phyllis Wocher which is a response to the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi. The cantata ends as it began with a clamorous duet singing final praises in a full volume finale.