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  • The John Williams Secret that can boost any hymn to "favorite" status, even if the composer is a newbie hymn writer.

  • The Janice Kapp Perry Key to some of the most powerful LDS music ever composed.

  • The J.S. Bach Method that gives any musical passage a special sense of wonder and awe.

  • The Russel M. Nelson Approach to inspired writing.

In Douglas Pew we have a fresh new voice in contemporary sacred music. His craftsmanship in the art of composition is readily demonstrated in his writing for voices and instruments which is filled with sensitivity and beauty, always complementing the spirit of the text.
— Dr. Craig Jessop, Former Director of the Tabernacle Choir
Doug’s hymn writing features fresh, imminently singable melodies to beautiful devotion texts. They expand our notion of what a hymn can be while maintaining a connection to the hymnody of the past. I can’t think of a better way to enliven congregational singing than to sing Doug’s music.
— Dr. Carlton Monroe, Director of Music at St. Thomas Episcopal

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