9 Ingredients of Great Hymn Writing Any Composer Can Use, Even If They Are Brand New Beginners

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  • The John Williams Secret that can boost any hymn to "favorite" status, even if the composer is a newbie hymn writer.
  • The Janice Kapp Perry Key to some of the most powerful LDS music ever composed.
  • The J.S. Bach Method that gives any musical passage a special sense of wonder and awe.
  • The Russel M. Nelson Approach to inspired writing.
“In Douglas Pew we have a fresh new voice in contemporary sacred music. His writing for voices and instruments is filled with sensitivity and beauty, always complementing the spirit of the text.”
— Dr. Craig Jessop, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Former Director
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“Doug’s hymn writing features fresh, imminently singable melodies to beautiful devotion texts. They expand our notion of what a hymn can be while maintaining a connection to the hymnody of the past. I can’t think of a better way to enliven congregational singing than to sing Doug’s music.”
— Dr. Carlton Monroe, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Music Director
“Mr. Pew is a very talented composer whose experience and artistic maturity demonstrate that he will enjoy a long career and, therefore, is deserving of genuine support. I can confirm that his talent, work, and humility, are of the highest quality.”
— Dr. Paweł Łukaszewki, Composer, Chopin University of Music, Poland
“The hymn writing of Douglas Pew shows a great attention to the text and the way in which music declares the power and meaning of those words. Melodies are tuneful and accessible while at the same time displaying a strongly crafted musical style.”
— Dr. Jonathan Giblin, Fairfax United Methodist Church, Music Director

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