"...lead Thou me on..."

The book of Moses has a simple little phrase that has made all the difference in my writing of sacred music.

"...for it was given unto as many as called upon God to write by the spirit of inspiration..." - Moses 6:5

Moses was referring to a "book of remembrance," or journal. But I believe the very same can be said for any kind of writing. Of course I'm thinking about composing.

Each of the pieces in my new book of hymn arrangements, 'Sacred Airs' has a special element that is very personal. When I play through them, I recall certain personal struggles that brought about a harmonic progression or countermelody. A bit of myself and my relationship with the Lord is in each one.

Lead Kindly, Light is perhaps one of the most personal expressions.

It is a plea. A cry for help, followed by a struggle to endure, concluding with reassurances from above. 

It starts in a somewhat dark, scarce, mysterious soundscape. 

The first time my wife played the violin version of the piece she said, "hmm, it's kind of like alien music...."


Well, I guess it sort of is. It's wandering in some distant alien wilderness, trying to find it's way home.

"...lead Thou me on..."

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