A whole lot of hot air

Tomorrow's the big day.


Today I'm putting the final touches on my new book, Sacred Airs: 9 Hymn Arrangements for Solo Woodwind or Brass Instrument and Piano.

I'm thrilled to see how many of you are as excited as I am about these pieces. 

Thank you!

I can't wait to hear from you all about how your enjoying the pieces. I had a funny daydream in church yesterday thinking of all the collective hot air it's going to take fill your instruments with beautiful sounds as you play these arrangements.

(Maybe it was the High Council speaker droning on and on that gave me that image of hot air...)

I know how challenging it can be to find quality arrangements for your instrument. 

Not just one of the hoard of off-the-cuff arrangements that can be found when you Google "free lds hymn arrangements".

Something written with attention to detail, with emotionally affecting harmony, with a rich piano accompaniment and meaningful lyricism.

While you may not be able to play your particular instrument in Sacrament Meeting, I hope that you will be able to find other ways to serve with your music.

To do so, you'll need arrangements that rise to the challenge of fitting your particular instrument's strengths and idiosyncrasies as well as having the potential of bringing the Spirit when they're played.

While I'm certainly not a perfect composer, I have spent a great deal of time, effort and single-eyed intent to craft pieces that will truly enhance the worship experience in any church meeting.

That is what you will find in 'Sacred Airs'.

As a reminder, I have a special FREE woodwind duet of "Lead Kindly Light" prepared for all of you who share the VIP notification link with your woodwind or brass playing friends. 

But this Free offer ends tonight at midnight, Mountain time.

Send your woodwind/brass friends the link to sign up for the VIP list (which gives you a 25% discount off the purchasing price).

When I see their info come in, I'll email you both this free arrangement. 


Looking forward to tomorrow,