Musical buddy system for the win

My favorite type of music making is collaborative music making.

To me there's nothing more fun than playing or singing music with others. Chamber music, art songs, barbershop quartet, singing in a choir, accompanying my kids at violin recitals, playing in an orchestra.

Maybe that's because I'm a composer and a pianist who spends a lot of time alone in the composer cave.

[And, yes, this does have something to do with the little BONUS GIFT I mentioned yesterday.]

It's not just the added fun of playing with friends, it's the synergy of expression that occurs when your hearts are in it together. That just lights me up!

I always wanted to play in a string quartet, some rockin' late Beethoven. But alas, my string playing abilities go only so far as a semi-decent faker on the double bass, passable for a community orchestra who can't really hear all my wrong notes. 

One year in college we put together a Piano Quartet (piano, violin, viola and cello) to play this glorious piece by my favorite romantic composer, Johannes Brahms. It was his C minor Piano Quartet, Op. 60 (that's for you me.... )

I was playing the piano part and it's the closest I've come to playing in a string quartet.

Hey, there were 4 of us (quartet) and most were strings. So, hey, string quartet, right??!! (almost).

A professional quartet was in residence at our school at the time and we had some coaching from their cellist. I was in heaven!! 

I was so excited during our performance that in a particularly passionate moment I turned my page so forcefully that the music flew right off the piano. Luckily I had a bit of rest to recover, and the show went on.

We had a good laugh about that. 

So, here's the deal with this Bonus Gift. 

I've prepared a duet for all you Woodwind players. It's a FREE arrangement of "Lead Kindly Light" in 3 different couplings -- Flute/Bassoon/Piano, Oboe/Bassoon/Piano, or Clarinet/AltoSaxophone/Piano.

To get your embouchure's around this Free collaborative hymn arrangement, I need to get your help.

When you refer a woodwind playing friend or student and they join the VIP notification list for my new book of arrangements, 'Sacred Airs', I'll give both you and your friend a Free copy of this arrangement. 

Share this link (below) with you buddies and then shoot me an email at to let me know their name so I can keep an eye out for them.

I'll respond to you both with the Freebie attached.

Thanks for spreading the word. I look forward to hearing from you!