Winds and Brass pieces appropriate for Sacrament Meeting

If you love playing beautiful, Spirit filled music in church, I've got great news.

Last week I put together a little questionnaire for LDS Winds and Brass players. I received many wonderful thoughts and heartfelt ideas about music in the church generally as well as insights into what you are looking for when it comes to playing your instrument in a church service.

For the past few months I have been testing out many new ideas for LDS hymn arrangements written specifically for Woodwind and Brass instruments. 

Looking for appropriate, artistic, moving, classically based arrangements for your instrument can be very frustrating.

To find a semi-suitable piece, many of you often use an arrangement for voice or choir or a string instrument and transpose, transcribe, or otherwise re-work the piece to fit your specific instrument's range and color.

I think you deserve some better options.

I'd like to help you out with this. 

To do so, I'm putting together a new book called:

Sacred Airs: LDS Hymn Arrangements for Solo Woodwind or Brass Instrument and Piano

I'm really excited about this new book of arrangements.

I can't wait to share with you arrangements that have been carefully crafted to suite all the major woodwind and brass instruments and provide pieces that will be both spiritually moving and artistically interesting. 

I'll send you the specifics about when and where this will be available soon.

All the best to you!